Ryan Delivers For Hedge Fund Donors, Thwarts Trump’s Attempts to Put Middle-Class First

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Paul Ryan, acting on behalf of his big Wall Street donors, repeatedly frustrated the president’s attempts to end a tax loophole opposed by the vast majority of the American people.1

On the campaign trail and in the White House, President Trump and conservative middle-class American voters called time and again for the repeal of the carried interest loophole that lets hedge fund managers pay a capital gains tax of 20 percent and an investment tax of 3.8 percent.

Paul Ryan, acting once again as handmaiden of the big banks, frustrated the president’s attempts to repeal this loophole time and time again, according to both respected conservative activist Ned Ryun and President Trump’s Economic Adviser Gary Cohn.2

In the words of Mr. Ryun, Paul Ryan’s Congress “is run by a ruling class of establishment Republicans and Democrats who are serving themselves and serving their special crony allies.”

President Trump’s economic adviser Gary Cohn told Axios Media that the Trump administration “tried 25 times” to cut the carried interest loophole, and blamed Paul Ryan’s Congress for thwarting these attempts, saying that they hit massive resistance from Capitol Hill “every time we tried.”3

Public records confirm that Ryan is profiting handsomely by thwarting the will of the American people on behalf of his special interest donors. The speaker has already raked in $1.4 million from hedge funds and other securities and investment companies in the 2018 election cycle alone.4

Luckily for Wisconsin voters, Ryan’s Republican challenger Paul Nehlen is a self-made American manufacturer who does not need to go begging special interests for campaign funds, and he will only represent the hard-working middle-class voters of Wisconsin District 1, not greedy donors on Wall Street and K Street.

1 According to a March 14, 2012 Bloomberg poll, 68 percent of Americans believe the “carried interest” tax loophole is “unreasonable.”
2 “Ryun: McConnell & Ryan Save Carried Interest Loophole For Wall Street Hedge Funds,” Real Clear Politics, 22 Dec 2017.
3 “Gary Cohn: We ‘tried 25 times’ to cut hedge fund loophole in tax reform bill, but failed,” CNBC, 20 Dec 2017.
4 Open Secrets Center for Responsive Politics.

Speaker Ryan, Enemy of Concealed Carry, to Step Down

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Speaker Paul Ryan who has killed National Concealed Carry for almost a year now is rumored to step down at the end of 2018.

It’s no surprise to gun owners in Wisconsin and across the country. Reports from Capitol insiders in D.C. suggest that Paul Ryan faced the decision in part due to the thousands of gun owners that have reached out to his office in opposition to his stall on restoring gun rights.

National reciprocity would treat concealed carry permits like driver’s licenses would allow law-abiding Wisconsinites to keep their handguns on their persons for self-defense as they travel across state lines. Meaning one state valid license would apply in the other 49 states.

According to Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), Paul Ryan stated he “didn’t think the timing was right” for pro-gun reforms involving national reciprocity. Paul Ryan believes the common man should not have every opportunity to defend himself and his family.

This is in contrast to what Paul Ryan enjoys from taxpayer-funded armed protection he receives. Americans have seen this type of behavior from the likes of Billionaire Left Wing Financier Michael Bloomberg.

The accumulation of events surrounding Ryan’s soft support for gun rights and other key conservative goals such as building the wall and defunding Obamacare has reportedly pushed him to decide to step down after the 2018 midterm elections.

If this is the case Ryan’s bowing out will be a key victory for Wisconsin gun owners and grassroots concealed-carry activists across the nation.

Ryan has put forth legislation in the past that severely limits the God-given right of every law-abiding American to protect themselves and families from criminals and rapists. That’s why it’s time to get national reciprocity passed so that we can defend our lives in any state we travel from Wisconsin.

As your Congressman in Wisconsin’s 1st, I vow to protect the Second Amendment. It is one of our most cherished and important liberties. It recognizes the right of the individual to protect himself from the tyranny of the collective.

I will oppose all efforts to impose gun control, I’ll work to roll-back unreasonable controls currently in place, and I will fight to preserve the right to bear arms from federal overreach in Washington D.C.

Nehlen to Paul Ryan: “End the Russia Investigation, Defend President Trump from Unhinged Democrats”

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Nehlen to Paul Ryan: “End the Russia Investigation, Defend President Trump from Unhinged Democrats”

It’s long past time Do-Nothing Speaker Ryan end the Mueller witch hunt, put America First, and Make America Great Again

In October, we learned that Never Trumpers, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Democratic National Committee likely colluded with the Kremlin to spread rumors and innuendo about President Trump. In the words of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board, “Democrats paid for Russians to compile wild allegations about a U.S. presidential candidate,” spending $12 million to produce the infamous “Steele Dossier.”

The Obama Administration appears to have used the Steele Dossier to launch an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign. This unprecedented politicization of the FBI could be the biggest American political scandal since Watergate.

Unfortunately, Speaker Paul Ryan has done little to nothing to defend the president and the party from the unprecedented abuse and politicization of the intelligence community. At best, Paul Ryan does nothing to defend the Republican Party, and at worse, he gives the left-wing media exactly the anti-Trump sound bites they so desperately crave.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Paul Ryan made the promise to his Republican colleagues that, “I am not going to defend Donald Trump—not now, not in the future.” In light of Ryan’s repeated failures to repeal and replace Obamacare and secure the Southern border by building a wall, this appears to be the only promise that Ryan is willing to keep.

On November 8, 2016, the people spoke in favor of President Trump’s vision to Make America Great Again. It is time for our Do-Nothing speaker to commit fully to this pro-worker, America First agenda and defend the Republican Party and our President with more than just empty words.

To move this country in the right direction, Paul Ryan must heed the words of the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board. As the WSJ wrote last week, Robert Mueller is compromised by his relationship to the FBI and James Comey, and “he could best serve the country by resigning to prevent further political turmoil over that conflict of interest.”

Rather than diddle around doing nothing, Paul Ryan must immediately move to defund Mueller’s compromised investigation, and, as recommended by the WSJ, reinstall Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes as lead on a Russia investigation that will investigate fully the documented collusion between the Clinton campaign and Russian intelligence, and the partisan abuses of intelligence by the Obama administration.

Once Paul Ryan defunds the Mueller charade and gives the House Intelligence committee the resources necessary to do their job, he must fully focus on enacting the Trump agenda that Americans voted for on November 8th. The people of Wisconsin are tired of Paul Ryan’s lackluster, tepid, and unserious attempts to enact an America First agenda that will create good-paying jobs, secure our borders, and raise wages for the hard-working men and women of this country.

If Do-Nothing Ryan doesn’t support Trump’s America First agenda, then for the sake of the American people he should step aside and stop lending aid and comfort to the biased left-wing media and their anti-American left-wing “resistance.”


DAILY CALLER: Paul Nehlen Is Back Running Against Paul Ryan

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Paul Nehlen — a businessman, congressional candidate, and Paul Ryan foe — says he is coming for the establishment.

Nehlen ran an unsuccessful campaign against House Speaker Ryan in his home district in 2016. Now, he plans on running again in 2018 to unseat the Speaker from his Wisconsin seat. He also has a new book titled “Wage the Battle” coming out that he describes as a “call to action.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Nehlen talked trade, globalists, and his campaign against Paul Ryan:

What is the purpose of writing this book? What do you hope to accomplish? 

“In this book I tear the mask off of politicians like Speaker Paul Ryan who only endorse a wall between President Trump and our America First agenda. I reveal the shocking betrayal of the globalists and how to defeat them. This book is a call to action.”

What do you think are your most important issues? I know you were big on killing TPP, what’s the next big issue for you? 

Supporting President Trump and the America First agenda. We need a wall on the southern border, a halt to the refugee resettlement racket, a full repeal of Obamacare, great bi-lateral trade deals, and tariffs on the countries who are at economic war with America.

What do you think your chances are for beating Paul Ryan are? 

I think my chances are great this time. We have fourteen months versus the our months we had last time. My name recognition is high among the grassroots in Wisconsin and Speaker Ryan continues to undermine the Trump administration just as he said he would before the election.

What is your sense of the trend of conservative voters? Some have suggested that enthusiasm for Trumpian populism could be on the decline since his election win, while others think it’s stayed the same or increased? What is your take? 

I think there is a thirst in this country for economic nationalism and a truly America First agenda. Trump embodied those things on the campaign trail and while he is bogged down with the swamp, there is no lack of enthusiasm out here in America, no matter how the UniParty globalists try to spin it.

What’s the biggest takeaway you want readers to have after finishing your book? 

I want people to come away from reading that book realizing that one man (or woman) can really make a difference. In four months, it was possible for Nehlen to wage a winning battle against Trans Pacific Partnership, a treaty that was negotiated in secret for over half a decade, lauded by Speaker Ryan, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama. Nehlen is energizing like-minded conservatives to rally to America’s defense of economic nationalism.

When asked for any further comments, Nehlen told TheDC, “We are all tired of career politicians who try to spin half-effort into bold initiative. In my case, running against Speaker Ryan was running against a fraudulent empty suit.”

“He was never for securing the border or repealing Obamacare, and that has played out for the world to see. Paul Ryan has never worked as hard for Wisconsinites or American workers as hard as he has for his big corporate donors. I will fight for the sovereignty of America and to tilt the playing field in America’s favor.”

Nehlen’s new book “Wage the Battle” is out on WND Books in hardcover on July 27.

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Victims Advocate and Activist Maria Espinoza Endorses Paul Nehlen in WI-1 Congressional Race against Paul Ryan

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(Kenosha, WI)Volunteers for Nehlen announced today that Maria Espinoza, well-known victims advocate and an activist on border security issues has offered her personal endorsement of Paul Nehlen in his effort to unseat Paul Ryan in the primary race unfolding in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

Espinoza was a 2016 Primary GOP Candidate for U.S. Congress in Houston, Texas, CD-7. Since 2009, however, she has served as national director for the Remembrance Project, bringing attention to the plight of those whose loved ones have been killed by illegal aliens. Ms. Espinoza is a strong proponent of securing U.S. borders and upholding current laws in order better to protect America’s constitutional republic and its citizens.

Espinoza noted her conviction that Nehlen would put Americans first, stand for strong borders, fight for a strong military, work in the interests of a stronger economy, and respect the rule of law. She also noted the important role of WI-1 voters in a race with national implications.

When Wisconsin GOP voters go to the polls on August 9, 2016, to choose their next CD-1 GOP House candidate, their votes will prove to be a pivotal moment in the nation’s fight toward restored freedom, Espinoza stated. It is time to restore the will of the people, and Paul Nehlen has promised to be that advocate.

Responding to the endorsement, Nehlen said I’m so grateful to have the endorsement of someone with the unflagging courage to engage in the many ways that Maria Espinoza has and does. She stands in the public sphere on a daily basis to do battle for the American people for their rights and their voice. I am pleased to fight alongside her on border security and other issues that matter profoundly to the future and security of our nation and its citizens.

Espinoza’s endorsement statement cited numerous issues-based reasons for her support of Nehlen’s campaign and why she believes Paul Ryan must be defeated, including border security, spending, value for human life, and trade. Excerpts follow below:

Border Security Is Paramount (excerpt): [Paul Ryan] champions the same failed policies that have led us to this dangerous precipice, where unidentified illegal aliens are crossing unabated into our communities, causing enormous losses of American lives and our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.

2016 Omnibus (excerpt): Speaker Ryan has continued a Pelosi/Boehner style of national budget policies that will further plunge America and future generations into poverty, insecurity, joblessness and into a 3rd world existence. His now infamous 2016 Omnibus budget is but one example of Ryan’s disrespect for our Constitutional process and citizen taxpayers, funding Obama’s illegal amnesty plan, Muslim refugee resettlement, and many other costly social programs.

Trans-Pacific Partnership (excerpt): On the matter of ill-fated free-trade agreements, Ryan has been equally deaf to the voice of the majority of Americans, millions of whom have lost jobs to outsourcing. Why has Ryan chosen to side, not with American workers, but with big corporations instead?The TPP must be stopped. Ryan must be stopped. And only the WI CD-1 voters can make this happen.


Paul Nehlen Files Nomination Signatures, Ramps Up Campaign to Defeat Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st District

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(Madison, WI) It is now official. Paul Ryan will have a challenger on the ballot in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, said insurgent candidate Paul Nehlen just after submitting his nomination signatures to Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board today.

This campaign is about to ramp up even further, Nehlen added. Watch and see. People in this district will know that they now have an alternative to a career politician who’s been selling them out.

For Wisconsin congressional candidates, the process of gathering nomination signatures begins in mid-April. All signatures must be submitted by June 1. State law requires a threshold of 1,000 signatures from district voters in order for the candidate’s name to appear on the ballot. Team Nehlen gathered approximately 1,810 signatures. Officials at the Government Accountability Board told campaign staff that Nehlen’s nomination signatures appeared to be in solid order.

It’s an exciting day for me and for the whole campaign team, Nehlen stated. We’ve done what we needed to do to ensure ballot access. Now, we can devote literally every waking moment to getting our message out putting valuable information in the hands of the voters.

Paul Ryan’s had it easy for the last 18 years. He’s essentially been the only game in town. He hasn’t even had to run real campaigns to get re-elected. His messaging machine has just rolled out like clockwork to tell people what a great job he’s doing. That PR machine hasn’t bothered to mention that Paul Ryan was actually voting on behalf of Big Donors and selling his constituents out on everything from spending to jobs and security.

But now Paul Ryan’s finally got real competition. People have a choice, someone who actually wants to represent them rather than just make a quick buck at their expense. And Team Nehlen is going to work tirelessly to ensure that they know it.

Paul Nehlen