When Paul Ryan says the GOP needs to unite around principles, which principles would those be?”


(Delavan, WI) – “When Paul Ryan says the GOP needs to unite around principles, which principles would those be?” asked Paul Nehlen late this afternoon. Nehlen is Ryan’s challenger in the Republican primary race unfolding in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Ryan’s already violated every single principle he pretends to embrace. The only principles on which he seems unshakeable are the principles of cronyism and self-advancement.
“Hoarding crony campaign cash from Big Donors, growing government, and supporting policies that will kill the economy and put Americans at risk—are those the shining principles Paul Ryan is talking about? Is that what he expects us all to unite around? I’d love to know, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
“Paul Ryan’s disconnect on principles is pretty astounding,” Nehlen added, “and it just keep widening. Yet, somehow, he believes that the American people are just sitting around waiting for him to come up with answers to their problems—that they’re still looking to him. He’s missed the point entirely. A whole lot of us have figured out that not only does Paul Ryan not have the right answers, he has all the wrong ones.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to Washington’s spending addiction? Mainlining $1.8 trillion in Omnibus spending.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to an economy choked by Big Government policies? A massive, crony international trade deal that will send American manufacturing and industry overseas and import workers to replace us in our jobs here at home.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to the Puerto Rico fiscal crisis? Moral hazard—padding a landing for his Big Donor buddies and exposing American taxpayers to greater future risk.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to the dangers posed to all of us by unchecked illegal immigration? Swing the doors wider.
“You can’t unite a party around principles you’ve abandoned,” Nehlen said. “When cronyism and self-advancement have become your reasons for getting up in the morning—it’s time to call it quits as a congressional representative. If Paul Ryan can’t find his own scruples to do so, then a growing number of voters in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District are preparing to exercise theirs.”

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