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Job Creator Endorsements

Paul Nehlen is an inventor, entrepreneur, and business leader who knows how to create jobs and bring people together to put American interests first.

I have known Paul for almost a year as a result of Neptune Benson purchasing the Vortisand water filtration company. The first time I met Paul we where at the first summit meeting and I knew then that he was an exceptional person that was well placed and respected in the industry.
Paul has a CLEAR understanding of all business objectives, works well with his team, and PUSHES TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION to the HILT.
I have learned a great deal from him and look forward to his future tech innovations.

I have had the pleasure to work for and with Paul for over eight years. During this time, I have experience first-hand his ability to engage and motivate individuals to their full potential. His ability to creatively engage individuals to drive to a common goal is second to none—he clearly and creatively communicates his vision and that of the organization’s to yield positive results.

He is hands-on, never hesitating to coach and share his wealth of knowledge with those around him. He is compassionate, encouraging, and a humble leader—ethically and morally sound

During my time at SPX I got an opportunity to work for and with Paul. He continues to be a mentor for me today. He has lead many great companies and made them better during his time. He has many attributes but his greatest are his character, his personality and his leadership. Paul’s integrity is never questioned. He makes everyone feel special. He treats people right. When Paul is in a room everyone wants to talk to him because he is attentive, respectful and thoughtful. His leadership skills speak for themselves through his increased accountability and responsibilities in his professional career. Managers do things right but Paul does the right thing.

Paul Nehlen is a consummate professional. His leadership and charisma are undeniable and infectious - but what makes Paul special is his relaxed, empathetic style. These qualities allow him to connect, influence, and contribute from the board room to the shop floor with equal success. He is an extraordinarily effective communicator, able to translate a consistent message throughout an organization effectively. Finally, Paul is passionate about our country and its ideals. I would welcome the chance to work with him again.

Paul is an exemplary leader, his patriotism goes above and beyond. He has gone through great lengths to bring outsourced American jobs back to the USA and continues striving to better the organizations he represents.

Paul is a down-to-the-earth leader who listens to various opinions, makes an informed decision, and gets things done. He is a man of impeccable character and highest integrity.

The best thing about working with Paul is you would never know he is a SVP of Operations. He gets out on site and gets his hands dirty. He is able to put people together, in a real situation and help guide that “team” toward dynamic problem solving with the end goal in mind being the absolute satisfaction of his Client through satisfaction of his distributer. Not with theory or rhetoric or e-mails; with wrenches and glue and sweat. I do not know that I have met a SVOP that handles business in this fashion. Most SVOP’s I have encountered let you know that is what they are. Paul showed me and it was very refreshing to say the least to see someone at Neptune Benson carry that type of attitude as I fear it has been lacking for as long as I have dealt with them.

Paul keeps moving forward, and makes progress in the right direction.

Paul has a lot of energy and personal drive that inspire others to deliver. He is also skillful at motivating and supporting high performers, as well as standing up for and advocating for the teams that he is leading. Paul is very approachable and open to feedback and sets a personal example of consistency and determination. It’s been a pleasure working in the same team as him.

Paul is a high-energy and innovative manager who has a propensity for thinking outside of the box. His way of approaching various business processes sets him apart from others as he is not afraid of introducing new ideas to solve problems.

Deirdre Hicks, MAOM, PHR, SHRM-CP , Human Resources Manager at Intertape Polymer Group