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We must build a wall from the Gulf to the Pacific, because you cannot bribe or extort a wall.


Illegal immigration is out of control.

Elected officials at the federal, state, and local level refuse to enforce our laws.

Also, you cannot effectively deport criminals without a defended wall to keep them out.

Ask Spencer Golvach’s parents. Ask Kate Steinle’s parents. Ask Josh Wilkerson’s parents.

Ask the multitude of families who have lost family members to illegal alien violence.

The result of illegal immigration is undue strain on our social services systems, and even national security threats on American soil — not to mention the impact on jobs.

America was built by immigrants — legal immigrants. I’m for legal immigration, albeit a significantly reduced number to allow those here legally to assimilate.

Let’s tax the remittances to Mexico to reimburse the U.S. taxpayers for a wall built NOW!

Let’s deport illegal aliens, including DACA recipients.

Let’s enforce the legal path to citizenship currently on the books.

Let’s put Wisconsin first.

Let’s secure our southern border and enforce the laws currently on the books.

The Second Amendment is one of our most cherished and important liberties. It recognizes the right of the individual to protect himself from the tyranny of the collective.

I will oppose all efforts to impose gun control, I’ll work to roll-back unreasonable controls currently in place, and I will fight to preserve the right to bear arms from federal overreach in Washington.

Let’s get national reciprocity passed so that we can defend our lives in any state we travel to from Wisconsin.

I’m pro-life. Human life is the highest value, and the right to life is clearly protected by our Constitution.

I will always support laws that protect the sanctity of life, and I will NEVER vote for any bill that uses taxpayer funds to pay for abortions.

No abortion provider should receive one dime of money from the government.

I’m a supporter of H.R. 490, also known as the Heartbeat Bill. There are currently 169 cosponsors of this legislation, but Ryan refuses to bring it for a vote. It would save 99% of the aborted babies. He instead brought a late term abortion bill for a vote that would save only 1%, and calls himself against abortion. Those are some principles he has there.

Obamacare is destroying our healthcare markets.

Costs have skyrocketed, and employers are dropping workers to part-time status, paychecks are stagnating or shrinking, jettisoning thousands of Wisconsinites off their insurance altogether.

As a manufacturing executive, I’ve seen this cost escalation first hand.

I’m for personal sovereignty. Wisconsinites should be able to choose what doctor they want to see or what health care plan they want to buy.

Congress has no business determining what a qualified plan is in the marketplace. Using the commerce clause to open up markets, not squelch them is in their job description-the U.S. Constitution!

Here are a few common sense, market-based fixes that will drive costs down and provide ease of access to healthcare for all Wisconsinites:

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), portable insurance accounts, permitting the purchase of health plans across state lines, tax deductible personal plans, the elimination of mandated coverage, and the repeal of regulations that inhibit choice and competition.

We use free markets to buy televisions, cars, houses, groceries, clothes, and hotel rooms. Free markets deliver high quality goods and services and low prices. A free market approach to health care would drastically improve our insurance markets.

I do not want to level the playing field. I want to tilt it in favor of American workers.

Free trade is a scam. I write extensively about it in my book “Wage the Battle” which you can find on Amazon.

Our nation has succeeded because of our determination, hard work, our know-how and a brilliant system of foundational documents.

We should be using the scaled tariff to bring countries like China, who have manipulated their currency and stolen tens of millions of U.S. jobs, into alignment.

As a manufacturer and turn-around specialist who has employed thousands of Americans, I can tell you first hand that getting rid of onerous, unnecessary regulations is the first step to unleashing the private sector to create more good-paying jobs.

My primary focus in work is running manufacturing plants and creating growth and jobs. D.C. needs more real-world experience and fewer career politicians who’ve never held a job in the real world.

Globalist career politicians are content to ship jobs overseas, and import labor to the U.S. to replace American workers – all to boost the profits of their wealthy corporate donors.

The bad “trade” deals our President opposes aren’t even trade deals. We need to place tariffs on countries presently waging economic war on America.

Quite simply, Democrats AND Republicans in D.C are selling the American worker out. D.C.’s ruling elites just don’t get it. Paul Ryan’s 20% suggested Corporate tax rate won’t go nearly far enough. As your Congressman, I’ll work toward implementing a 12% corporate tax rate. I’ll work to close the inversion loophole.

Expensing capital expenditures is a shiny object. It is a cheap parlor trick, like promising a $2,500 savings with Obamacare. Don’t fall for it.

We need a lower rate and that will bring tens of millions of jobs into this country. Along with that we eliminate the welfare culture the Democrats and globalists like Ryan have created in this country.

Jobs for American citizens. Automation is coming and the last thing we need is low skilled workers flooding the market, incapable of transitioning to a more highly automated society. We recommend automated trading using latest apps like bitcoin code roboter to help young traders to be on their own.

Restoring economic growth to Wisconsin and America — and fiscal discipline to Washington — requires a mentality that puts America’s prosperity ahead of beltway insiders’ profits.

Let’s get Wisconsin back to work.

Our government’s most important responsibility is to provide for our common defense and security.
Since we first cast off the shackles of government oppression, America was a beacon for liberty.

But since defeating communism and leftist tyranny in the 20th century – securing our place as a defender of human rights globally – America’s shining light has been dimmed.

Our military is spread too thin. This weakness invites foreign threat.

Washington’s fiscal irresponsibility has left the men and women in our armed forces high and dry.

Our soldiers and veterans sacrifice much for their country — and deserve to be well equipped to carry out the mission of defending their nation. They deserve our appreciation and our unqualified support and thanks.

If we get education right, we empower a child for the rest of his or her life. Once someone has an education, it can’t be taken away.

College costs have increased more than 400% over the last 25 years, and the Department of Education estimates the U.S. spends $650 BILLION on primary and secondary education.

All that spending isn’t working. American students increasingly lag behind students in other developed nations.

We send billions of dollars to D.C. only to have a fraction of it sent back to Wisconsin, and with strings attached – conditions that don’t even help our schools or our kids. This must stop.

I’ll work to cut D.C.’s strings on Wisconsin’s educators. Wisconsin’s children deserve better than a faceless bureaucrat 800 miles away dictating failed education policy.

Wisconsin’s parents and teachers should be in charge of Wisconsin’s schools — not D.C.

Career politicians go to D.C. and stay for a lifetime. They waste our hard-earned dollars and demand more of your dollars in taxes and fees to cover their tab – all while often enriching themselves and their families.

That’s not how our Republic was designed. Citizen-statesmen were to represent their state or district for a term or two and then return to their lives, families, and businesses.

I pledge I’ll serve no more than three terms in the U.S. House, and I’ll support legislation limiting Senators to three terms, House Representatives to three terms, and Supreme Court Justices to one 16 year term.