Paul Ryan Running Phony Victory Lap on Obamacare Ruling, Says Wisconsin Challenger Paul Nehlen

(Delavan, WI) ‘When it comes to Monday’s circuit court ruling on Obamacare, Paul Ryan may want to rethink that victory lap he’s taking,’ said Paul Nehlen this afternoon. Nehlen is running an insurgent campaign against the 18-year incumbent for the congressional seat in Wisconsin’s 1st District.

As usual, Paul Ryan’s public relations machine is doing one thing, while he’s in the background doing another. If you’re going to stand up and say you think Obamacare is being illegally funded, then you should be willing to do something significant about it when the power of the U.S. purse is placed in your hands.

One of Paul Ryan’s non-returnable Christmas presents to we, the American people was $1.8 trillion in Omnibus spending. In that big ol box of ugly was one heck of a lot of Obamacare funding, with only a single provision to stem the tide, a prohibition against using taxpayer dollars to bail out insurance companies, who are literally bleeding money as a result of this failing initiative. Even the delays on taxing medical devices and ‘Cadillac’ insurance plans, touted by Paul Ryan and his establishment buddies in Washington as helpful measures, were ultimately foolish. All those delays do is kick the can down the road and facilitate further entrenchment of Obamacare over the coming two years.

I won’t speak for the rest of the American public,” Nehlen added, “but I’d have preferred that Paul Ryan save all that money and just gift me an ugly Christmas sweater.”

Hey, it looks great that Paul Ryan filed this big lawsuit. It looks great that he got this ruling. And the court’s right- Obamacare is being illegally funded. The problem is that Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, the guy holding the purse in his hands, funded it anyway.”


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