DAILY CALLER: Paul Nehlen Is Back Running Against Paul Ryan

Paul Nehlen — a businessman, congressional candidate, and Paul Ryan foe — says he is coming for the establishment.

Nehlen ran an unsuccessful campaign against House Speaker Ryan in his home district in 2016. Now, he plans on running again in 2018 to unseat the Speaker from his Wisconsin seat. He also has a new book titled “Wage the Battle” coming out that he describes as a “call to action.”

In an interview with The Daily Caller, Nehlen talked trade, globalists, and his campaign against Paul Ryan:

What is the purpose of writing this book? What do you hope to accomplish? 

“In this book I tear the mask off of politicians like Speaker Paul Ryan who only endorse a wall between President Trump and our America First agenda. I reveal the shocking betrayal of the globalists and how to defeat them. This book is a call to action.”

What do you think are your most important issues? I know you were big on killing TPP, what’s the next big issue for you? 

Supporting President Trump and the America First agenda. We need a wall on the southern border, a halt to the refugee resettlement racket, a full repeal of Obamacare, great bi-lateral trade deals, and tariffs on the countries who are at economic war with America.

What do you think your chances are for beating Paul Ryan are? 

I think my chances are great this time. We have fourteen months versus the our months we had last time. My name recognition is high among the grassroots in Wisconsin and Speaker Ryan continues to undermine the Trump administration just as he said he would before the election.

What is your sense of the trend of conservative voters? Some have suggested that enthusiasm for Trumpian populism could be on the decline since his election win, while others think it’s stayed the same or increased? What is your take? 

I think there is a thirst in this country for economic nationalism and a truly America First agenda. Trump embodied those things on the campaign trail and while he is bogged down with the swamp, there is no lack of enthusiasm out here in America, no matter how the UniParty globalists try to spin it.

What’s the biggest takeaway you want readers to have after finishing your book? 

I want people to come away from reading that book realizing that one man (or woman) can really make a difference. In four months, it was possible for Nehlen to wage a winning battle against Trans Pacific Partnership, a treaty that was negotiated in secret for over half a decade, lauded by Speaker Ryan, Hillary Clinton, and President Obama. Nehlen is energizing like-minded conservatives to rally to America’s defense of economic nationalism.

When asked for any further comments, Nehlen told TheDC, “We are all tired of career politicians who try to spin half-effort into bold initiative. In my case, running against Speaker Ryan was running against a fraudulent empty suit.”

“He was never for securing the border or repealing Obamacare, and that has played out for the world to see. Paul Ryan has never worked as hard for Wisconsinites or American workers as hard as he has for his big corporate donors. I will fight for the sovereignty of America and to tilt the playing field in America’s favor.”

Nehlen’s new book “Wage the Battle” is out on WND Books in hardcover on July 27.

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