Speaker Ryan, Enemy of Concealed Carry, to Step Down

Speaker Paul Ryan who has killed National Concealed Carry for almost a year now is rumored to step down at the end of 2018.

It’s no surprise to gun owners in Wisconsin and across the country. Reports from Capitol insiders in D.C. suggest that Paul Ryan faced the decision in part due to the thousands of gun owners that have reached out to his office in opposition to his stall on restoring gun rights.

National reciprocity would treat concealed carry permits like driver’s licenses would allow law-abiding Wisconsinites to keep their handguns on their persons for self-defense as they travel across state lines. Meaning one state valid license would apply in the other 49 states.

According to Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY), Paul Ryan stated he “didn’t think the timing was right” for pro-gun reforms involving national reciprocity. Paul Ryan believes the common man should not have every opportunity to defend himself and his family.

This is in contrast to what Paul Ryan enjoys from taxpayer-funded armed protection he receives. Americans have seen this type of behavior from the likes of Billionaire Left Wing Financier Michael Bloomberg.

The accumulation of events surrounding Ryan’s soft support for gun rights and other key conservative goals such as building the wall and defunding Obamacare has reportedly pushed him to decide to step down after the 2018 midterm elections.

If this is the case Ryan’s bowing out will be a key victory for Wisconsin gun owners and grassroots concealed-carry activists across the nation.

Ryan has put forth legislation in the past that severely limits the God-given right of every law-abiding American to protect themselves and families from criminals and rapists. That’s why it’s time to get national reciprocity passed so that we can defend our lives in any state we travel from Wisconsin.

As your Congressman in Wisconsin’s 1st, I vow to protect the Second Amendment. It is one of our most cherished and important liberties. It recognizes the right of the individual to protect himself from the tyranny of the collective.

I will oppose all efforts to impose gun control, I’ll work to roll-back unreasonable controls currently in place, and I will fight to preserve the right to bear arms from federal overreach in Washington D.C.

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