Paul Nehlen Files Nomination Signatures, Ramps Up Campaign to Defeat Paul Ryan in Wisconsin’s 1st District

(Madison, WI) It is now official. Paul Ryan will have a challenger on the ballot in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, said insurgent candidate Paul Nehlen just after submitting his nomination signatures to Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board today.

This campaign is about to ramp up even further, Nehlen added. Watch and see. People in this district will know that they now have an alternative to a career politician who’s been selling them out.

For Wisconsin congressional candidates, the process of gathering nomination signatures begins in mid-April. All signatures must be submitted by June 1. State law requires a threshold of 1,000 signatures from district voters in order for the candidate’s name to appear on the ballot. Team Nehlen gathered approximately 1,810 signatures. Officials at the Government Accountability Board told campaign staff that Nehlen’s nomination signatures appeared to be in solid order.

It’s an exciting day for me and for the whole campaign team, Nehlen stated. We’ve done what we needed to do to ensure ballot access. Now, we can devote literally every waking moment to getting our message out putting valuable information in the hands of the voters.

Paul Ryan’s had it easy for the last 18 years. He’s essentially been the only game in town. He hasn’t even had to run real campaigns to get re-elected. His messaging machine has just rolled out like clockwork to tell people what a great job he’s doing. That PR machine hasn’t bothered to mention that Paul Ryan was actually voting on behalf of Big Donors and selling his constituents out on everything from spending to jobs and security.

But now Paul Ryan’s finally got real competition. People have a choice, someone who actually wants to represent them rather than just make a quick buck at their expense. And Team Nehlen is going to work tirelessly to ensure that they know it.

Paul Nehlen


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