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Paul Nehlen is challenging U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan for the Republican nomination in Wisconsin’s first congressional district.

Nehlen, a turnaround specialist, business executive, and inventor, first challenged Speaker Ryan for the nomination in 2016, forcing Ryan to spend $10.6 million dollars to win the nomination in the southern Wisconsin congressional district.

His first foray into politics led to Ryan’s about-face on the job-killing Trans-Pacific Partnership, a so-called “free trade deal” that would’ve shipped American jobs to Asia.

“Speaker Ryan didn’t help Mr. Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, and even pledged not to defend the president,” Nehlen said of Ryan. “But I have a message for Speaker Ryan: The American people are not done fighting for President Trump’s good agenda. And that’s why I am running against Paul Ryan.”

Nehlen, who started on the factory floor, rose to lead Fortune 500 manufacturing businesses around the world. “As an executive, I’ve brought jobs back from China and Mexico and Canada to the United States. That’s the kind of experience Wisconsin desperately needs right now,” Nehlen said.

“Last year in my first challenge to Speaker Ryan, we managed to, the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Last year after we killed Ryan’s and Obama’s job-killing deal, Ryan picked right back up by kicking TPP over to his pal Kevin Brady to carry before Trump killed it. And Ryan is still pushing the Border Adjustment Tax, Nehlen said.

“Thankfully we succeeded in forcing Ryan to walk back his position on TPP long enough for Donald Trump to defeat Hillary in November and finally kill the thing.” Nehlen explained.

“If Hillary Clinton had been president, Paul Ryan would’ve forced TPP through with her help during the lame duck session,” he claimed.

“But Paul Ryan still hasn’t gotten the memo. Millions of Americans voted for President Trump, and they expect Paul Ryan to work to repeal Obamacare, end bad, job-killing trade deals, close the border, defund the dangerous refugee resettlement racket, and back the President’s strong, America First agenda. But that hasn’t happened,” he says. 

“Sadly, Ryan’s behavior is predictable. He gets 99% of his donations from outside the district, mostly from Corporate PACs,” Nehlen said, a claim that holds up, according to

“Paul Ryan is a career politician who has been in D.C. for nearly two decades. He may have been a nice Wisconsin boy when he left Janesville,” Nehlen said, “but now Ryan is working for special interests and industry bosses, working to sell Wisconsin’s jobs to Mexico and Asia. Ryan is working hand-in-hand with multinational corporations to reduce their costs by giving them access to low-paid immigrant labor. And it is decimating Wisconsin’s economy,” he said. 

“Wisconsin voted to drain the swamp last November, so that’s what I’m going to do,” he said.

Paul Ryan appears to be helping some very big investors to engineer an extremely lucrative failure

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(Delavan, WI) “Paul Ryan appears to be helping some very big investors to engineer an extremely lucrative failure,” said Paul Nehlen early today. Nehlen is the insurgent candidate challenging Ryan for the congressional seat in Wisconsin’s 1st District.

“I now have a very strong sense of why Paul Ryan is so determined to ram this Puerto Rico bailout through Congress before the Memorial Day weekend,” Nehlen asserted. “He needs this travesty to go through like greased lightning before its true purpose is well understood by the public or their representatives. He needs other legislators to be at least unwittingly complicit in this vote so it ‘s harder for people to point a finger at him.

“Hedge funds hold the majority of Puerto Rico ‘s general-obligation debt. And hedge funds, in particular, have feigned rejection of Paul Ryan ‘s Puerto Rico bailout, claiming it will hurt them. But it ‘s clear from a $1.3 billion block trade earlier this year that at least one very heavy hitter is simply playing for time, waiting for Puerto Rico ‘s problems to grow worse. Why? Because, essentially, the bigger Puerto Rico ‘s problems get, the bigger the cash-in once that bailout plan goes through.”
“Those watching this situation know that the Puerto Rico Government Development Bank (GDB) has asked general-obligation debt holders to take a 47 percent haircut on its bonds. That would mean 53 cents on the dollar. But the block trade was made for 4.375% taxable 2019 GDB senior notes at 23.5 cents on the dollar. That would net this as-yet unknown entity a 125 percent return. That ‘s one whole lot of cash at the expense of others. And the fact is, an investor like this who wants to cash in absolutely wants the federal government involved in a bailout. That ‘s their backstop, their way of ensuring that, no matter what happens or how many other people lose on this mess, they win big.

“Paul Ryan ‘s Puerto Rico bailout increasingly looks to be the insurance policy for people who are likely committing massive fraud. Any federal representative who doesn‘t want to absorb the stench of this thing should be backing away from the Puerto Rico plan and insisting on a full investigation first.”


Paul Ryan Running Phony Victory Lap on Obamacare Ruling, Says Wisconsin Challenger Paul Nehlen

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(Delavan, WI) ‘When it comes to Monday’s circuit court ruling on Obamacare, Paul Ryan may want to rethink that victory lap he’s taking,’ said Paul Nehlen this afternoon. Nehlen is running an insurgent campaign against the 18-year incumbent for the congressional seat in Wisconsin’s 1st District.

As usual, Paul Ryan’s public relations machine is doing one thing, while he’s in the background doing another. If you’re going to stand up and say you think Obamacare is being illegally funded, then you should be willing to do something significant about it when the power of the U.S. purse is placed in your hands.

One of Paul Ryan’s non-returnable Christmas presents to we, the American people was $1.8 trillion in Omnibus spending. In that big ol box of ugly was one heck of a lot of Obamacare funding, with only a single provision to stem the tide, a prohibition against using taxpayer dollars to bail out insurance companies, who are literally bleeding money as a result of this failing initiative. Even the delays on taxing medical devices and ‘Cadillac’ insurance plans, touted by Paul Ryan and his establishment buddies in Washington as helpful measures, were ultimately foolish. All those delays do is kick the can down the road and facilitate further entrenchment of Obamacare over the coming two years.

I won’t speak for the rest of the American public,” Nehlen added, “but I’d have preferred that Paul Ryan save all that money and just gift me an ugly Christmas sweater.”

Hey, it looks great that Paul Ryan filed this big lawsuit. It looks great that he got this ruling. And the court’s right- Obamacare is being illegally funded. The problem is that Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, the guy holding the purse in his hands, funded it anyway.”


When Paul Ryan says the GOP needs to unite around principles, which principles would those be?”

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(Delavan, WI) – “When Paul Ryan says the GOP needs to unite around principles, which principles would those be?” asked Paul Nehlen late this afternoon. Nehlen is Ryan’s challenger in the Republican primary race unfolding in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. Ryan’s already violated every single principle he pretends to embrace. The only principles on which he seems unshakeable are the principles of cronyism and self-advancement.
“Hoarding crony campaign cash from Big Donors, growing government, and supporting policies that will kill the economy and put Americans at risk—are those the shining principles Paul Ryan is talking about? Is that what he expects us all to unite around? I’d love to know, and I’m sure I’m not alone.
“Paul Ryan’s disconnect on principles is pretty astounding,” Nehlen added, “and it just keep widening. Yet, somehow, he believes that the American people are just sitting around waiting for him to come up with answers to their problems—that they’re still looking to him. He’s missed the point entirely. A whole lot of us have figured out that not only does Paul Ryan not have the right answers, he has all the wrong ones.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to Washington’s spending addiction? Mainlining $1.8 trillion in Omnibus spending.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to an economy choked by Big Government policies? A massive, crony international trade deal that will send American manufacturing and industry overseas and import workers to replace us in our jobs here at home.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to the Puerto Rico fiscal crisis? Moral hazard—padding a landing for his Big Donor buddies and exposing American taxpayers to greater future risk.
“Paul Ryan’s ‘principled’ answer to the dangers posed to all of us by unchecked illegal immigration? Swing the doors wider.
“You can’t unite a party around principles you’ve abandoned,” Nehlen said. “When cronyism and self-advancement have become your reasons for getting up in the morning—it’s time to call it quits as a congressional representative. If Paul Ryan can’t find his own scruples to do so, then a growing number of voters in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District are preparing to exercise theirs.”